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About Us

About Us

     We specialize in salvaging antique and vintage furniture and restoring it for another generation to use and enjoy.  We believe in rescuing old furniture  and recycling it for new uses.  Back then pieces were built strong, made from real wood, and had beautiful wood veneers all made by american craftsman throughout America. These pieces are unique and interesting and just need a little love to rejuvinate them from their use over the years and they will be ready for a whole new generation to cherish. Todays funiture is mostly made or particle board, needs assembly, is imported from overseas and just doesn't last . These pieces represent a time in America where craftsmanship was at its greatest with details and beauty that are hard to find in todays furniture. Each piece has a history whether is was thrown to the curb or painted over numerous times we try to bring it back to its original state leaving some of the nicks marks chips etc that it has accumulated that add to its character.

   So why do we do this? Besides recycling old furniture and restoring it we have also bought an historic house built in the 1890's in Plainfield, NJ. We are trying to restore the property back to its original condition keeping all the amazing architectural details intact. We try to do most of the work ourselves and enjoy seeing the transformation as we progress around the house. Every piece of furniture we salvage and restore is sold for you to cherish and further helps us along our journey in restoring this historic property.